Highlands Students | Church of the Highlands | Birmingham, Alabama | Pastor Chris Hodges



The One and Highlands Students team has worked hard to develop devotionals that will help you in your journey to know God. Check out the resources below and let us know how God is growing you in your faith!

“Living In MOTION”

Reading this devotional is going to be an exciting 14 days for you! Over the next 14 days, we are going to take a look at topics that will help you follow Jesus and live out your faith. If you commit to these 14 days, we know that you will see the Bible come alive in your life every day and you will discover following Jesus is the best decision you could ever make.

“I’m New To This”

The MOTION and Highlands Students team has worked hard to make an applicable devotional to help you during the first fourteen days of following Jesus. This devotional won’t be able to give you everything you could ever need, but it can help give some great next steps, insight, and tools.